Employee Benefits

The 360 Brokerage Way

Our approach to employee benefits is simple yet effective. Ensuring you receive the BEST benefits, for the BEST price, with the BEST service. Saving you time and money while taking care of your employees. This is achieved by providing BEST in class solution, such as:

✔ Administrative Services

✔ Benefits Management System (360 Connect)

✔ Compliance Consulting

✔ Cost Reducing Solutions

✔ Additional Services

How do Employers and HR Staff Benefit?

Employee Benefits are constantly evolving and trends change over time. Employers spend countless hours researching and worrying if their costly benefits program is the best it could be. Possibly changing brokers each year to try and find something better.  Our clients no longer need to worry or change brokers regularly. Our team of experts are constantly researching new ideas, strategies and ways to enhance benefit programs. Delivering the confidence necessary to know the benefits offered are competitive in the market place and providing the best value possible. Benefits are who we are and what we do BEST.

How do your Employees Benefit?

Employees need and want support. They don’t want to call the insurance company for help and they shouldn’t be calling HR for help either. Our team is here to help. We educate employees to contact our office, not the HR team or Insurance 1-800 number. The Administrative Solutions provided to our clients does exactly this.

We know insurance plans have become extremely complex and more expensive than ever. We help employees understand the value of their benefits. Ensuring the proper plan is selected, making sure they are educated, and letting them know we are here to help.