Administrative Services

Daily Administrative Support

Handling the daily administrative tasks for benefits can be daunting. Things such as onboarding new hires, processing terminations, explaining the benefits and reviewing invoices can be frustrating. Our team takes these daily tasks off your plate allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.

Invoice Auditing

In today’s Market employers may offer many different types of employee benefits. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, FSA, Supplemental, and more. Which are normally offered by different insurance carriers. This presents a common problem. Multiple invoices from multiple carriers each month. Ensuring each invoice is accurate and paid on-time, each month, for each carrier, can take HOURS. Our team provides ongoing billing support.
Each invoice is audited against payroll and current enrollment to ensure 100% accuracy. Once our review is complete, it gets our stamp of approval and the bills can be paid knowing they are correct. Saving you time and money.

Claims Support

Receiving a medical bills in the mail can cause confusion for employees. Many times employees visit providers, pay their copay, and still receive a bill in the mail. Then the question becomes “pay the bill or not”. All our client’s employees will have access to our “Employee Advocate”. This staff member is here to help your employees with these situations. They will analyze the bill to determine resolution, then share the results with the employee. Either the bill was corrected, closed out, adjusted or needs to be paid. The employee is then educated on why it was or wasn’t covered by insurance and how to prevent this in the future.

Transitional Services

This value-added service helps transition employees at the start of their retirement or at time of employment termination. Our goal is to ensure the retiree or ex-employee is assisted during this life changing time. They may need help with things such as converting life insurance, electing COBRA, or even finding other insurance policies to better fit their new needs.