Our Solutions

Our Benefits Agency delivers the full spectrum of services, specifically designed for your group employee benefit needs.


Employee Benefits

Not all carriers are created equal and no one solution fits all. By collaborating with multiple carriers, we negotiate the most robust benefit plans that offer the highest value. This strategy extends to individual health, individual life, disability, and long term care insurance. Staying in tune with industry trends allows our team to modify our creative approaches for your business.

Cost Reducing Solutions

Costs add up quickly when employers try to streamline the benefits administration process. Our 360 Solution encompasses our full scope of services at no extra cost, eliminating unnecessary costs for employers.


Benefits Management System

We provide all our clients with a custom built Benefits Management System, 360 Connect. With access to 360 Connect, you will experience simplified Benefits Management. Reduce human error, organize all enrollment/employee data in one convenient/secure location, while providing HR and employees with a seamless experience.

Administrative Services

Handling the daily administrative tasks for benefits can be daunting. Things such as onboarding new hires, processing terminations, explaining the benefits and reviewing invoices can be frustrating. Our team takes these daily tasks off your plate allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.


Compliance Consulting

Compliance is crucial for an organization’s benefits program. Unfortunately, many don’t realize they’re not compliant until it’s too late. Our compliance team analyzes your organization’s current compliance situation, identify areas of potential risk and strategically implement solutions.

Insurance Partners